About melissa Major

Melissa has a passion for animals that has existed since childhood. In 2001, she began volunteering in animal welfare, later working for the BC SPCA. It was then that she took an interest in dog training. How can so many animals be given up by their owners for behavioural problems? Surely, many of these problems are fixable if owners only had the tools and know-how to train their dog to be an obedient member of their family.

Melissa and Jax High in ClassDogs are pack animals, and when we bring a dog into our household we become their pack. Leadership is a learned skill and owners often need help to develop such a skill. Dogs without leadership are often disrespectful and develop unwanted behaviours. Whether this results in a dog that jumps up on strangers, bites the neighbour, or gets hit by a car because it ran into a busy intersection, it is detrimental to the dog and often results in families giving up their dog, or even worse euthanasia.

Melissa is a strong believer in balanced training. Dogs need leadership. Your relationship with your dog is of utmost importance. Building a bond, using positive motivational tools, but also teaching them what behaviours are unacceptable is paramount to having an obedient, well-mannered dog.

While Melissa is involved in agility, tracking, competition obedience, etc., her client focus is on pet obedience (including, for example, problem behaviours and recall), and protection training.

Melissa validated with her German Shepherd Dog Jax in 2015 at the Justice Institute of BC for security-protection. Melissa currently trains all 3 of her shepherds in CKC obedience. Jax earned his C.D. (Companion Dog) title in 2018, with a High in Class.

Melissa’s clients include dogs of all sizes and breeds. Melissa offers one-on-one lessons where she can focus on the needs of her client. Whether the problem is lunging on lead and barking at dogs or not coming when called, Melissa is able to give people the tools needed to be a good dog owner and have a happy, balanced dog.

Melissa and her Dogs

My PacK!

Collectively, my pack has earned the following:

  • Canine Good Neighbour
  • CKC Obedience Pre-Novice
  • CKC Obedience Companion Dog Title
  • JIBC Security/Protection Validation

We are currently training in IGP Obedience and Tracking. I am working towards earning a BH with my younger shepherds. Training continues for the lifetime of a dog. Being outside with my dogs, is definitely my favourite place to be! Always learning and always striving to be a better handler.

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