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I have a 10 month old Havanese, Emma. I had taken her to puppy class elsewhere and she/we learned a few basics, but I wanted more for her and one on one. I especially wanted her to come when called.

I found Melissa's site and decided to call her. It was one of my best decisions. Melissa is a lovely lady and knows her stuff. What I also liked is that she taught me also, because if I'm not doing it correctly, neither is Emma. Melissa was very patient with me and Emma. She praises you when you get it right but lets you know when you haven't, but she does this in such a way that you don't feel bad or like you've failed. Instead you are eager for her to explain again and to get down to it. Ever since the first lesson Emma seemed to have her game face on and was eager to please. 

I highly recommend Melissa to train your dog, whether it is beginning obedience or problems that your dog has developed. She is able to take dogs from unmanageable to wonderful pets. Thanks again Melissa.

- Janice & Havanese Emma

“I gotta give credit where credit is due.  Ever since we really started training Diesl, he’s been different.  Melissa was right.  The more I push him the better he responds.  He’s happier.  When I come home, he wants affection.  Typically, you pet him for a few minutes and then he buggers off.  Now he will actually lay beside me and he follows me a lot closer.  He’s just waiting for his next job to do. He’s way more enjoyable to have around.  Thank you.”

- Dan & GSD Diesl

"We were put in touch with Melissa from BC Westcoast K9 Services through a mutual acquaintance. I find it hard to really know what kind of training you are getting as there are so many services to choose from out there. From day 1 our husky was an escape artist and born to run. He had many close calls running out the door and escaping. He was also quite the "puller " and jumper when it came to walks. We left him with Melissa for a 2.5 week board and train.  When we picked him up we were SHOCKED to see the significant improvements. She thoroughly went through a couple lessons with us to understand the commands and his way of thinking. We are now able to loose leash walk without any issues. He no longer jumps on every person he sees.  Given he is only over a year old his improvements on sitting and staying are remarkable. 

Melissa was great as she genuinely wanted to follow up and see how thing were going. She was also easily accessible for questions after the board and train. 

Another comment I must make for anyone having issues with there dog and allergies. You MUST try the raw dog food! We trialed our dog during the board and train and we had significant issues with hair loss, patches and significant ear canal irritation. After > 1 week of switching to the raw food while training his coat was unbelievably different. Softer, no patches and less shedding. We have stuck to it for about 3 months and he loves it without any recurrent allergic issues. Def worth a shot if your pet is struggling with this. 

Thanks to Melissa and BC Westcoast K9 Services for helping us train our escape artist!”

- Jesse, Parv & our husky Beast

“Our mini Aussie Shepherd, Mischke was a handful when she was young! She picked fights with dogs much larger than her, chased the neighbour’s chickens, and would never come when called.  She was also extremely fearful of people.  We never thought obedience training would instill such confidence in her.  After training with Melissa, Mischke is a different dog.  She comes when called, can be around other dogs, and is so much braver around strangers.  We couldn’t be happier!  When we decided to get a second Aussie, we went straight to Melissa for train and board “bootcamp” so that we could have a second dog that is as well mannered and trained as our first.”

- Brittney, Dan, & our mini Aussies Mischke & Oakley

“Our obedience lessons with Melissa gave us not only a well-trained dog, but we have also strengthened our bond with him and have a more far more affectionate dog.”

- Graeme, Chantal & our rescue poodle mix Elmer

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